BanglaStrong Ltd started its operation in 2015 as the consumer product concern with an aim to build a Stronger Bangladesh. The year 2017 will see the start of own fully compliant packing & bottling facility for Isotoniks, Edible Oils, and range of Spices. It is also engaged in marketing of farmer procured fresh produce.


An Electrolyte Sports Drink with a formulation of natural minerals and sugars which replaces the electrolytes & energy lost during physical activity and ensur es optimal hydration, recovery, and refueling of muscles

  • Primarily for sports people, but also applicable for anyone involved in physical exertion especially in our hot sweaty conditions.

  • Mineral salts used are guaranteed of natural origin, certified hala and mined in Germany by K+S GmbH.

  • The sugars used are of guaranteed Australian origin.

BanglaStrong Ltd, the manufacturer and distributor of Isotoniks is a concern of NAAFCO Group and its manufacturing is done in GMP compliant facility.