The NAAFCO Group began its journey in 1984 founded by the visionary entrepreneur and late chairman Mr. M Shamsul Huda. With over three decades of experience in agribusiness, NAAFCO Group has transformed into one of the most trusted brands in Crop Nutrition, Plant Protection, Seeds, Human Health, Animal Nutrition & Health, Consumer Products and Environment. Each business unit has its own formulation and production facilities and all are backed by nationwide distribution, marketing and logistics.

In 2015, cGMP compliant human medicine plant commenced production. With future projects in animal husbandry and fresh produce export, and continuing investment in the strength of the people and soil, the NAAFCO Group will continue to grow with the nation, believing in growth through growth.



Shetu Pesticides Ltd registered & construction of formulation and repacking plant in Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka started.

NAAFCO (Pvt) Ltd registered and became the exclusive agency of Potacan, Norsk Hydro (now Yara International), & Kali und Salz (now K+S).


Supply of hundreds of tons of fertilizer to Government of Bangladesh by NAAFCO (Pvt) Ltd from Potacan, Canada.


Shetu Pesticides Ltd starts formulation.


SEMCO (Shetu Marketing Company) created to market and distribute Shetu Pesticides Ltd products.


SEMCO establishes 6 regional offices with own delivery vehicles.

Shetu Pesticides Ltd formulates Cheminova products and becomes exclusive distributor for Elf Atochem (now Cerexagri), Cequisa, Atabay, Asiatic Industries, Korea Explosives (then Lucky Goldstar, then Hanwa Corp), Forward International, and Pilar International (now Pilarquim).


Pioneered import and marketing of rotenone, magnesium sulphate, pgrs, micronutrients, and also 1 kg retail packaging.


SEMCO 12 th regional office established within years of inception.


D K Packaging Ltd begins production of corrugated cartons for internal packaging requirements.


NAAFCO imports Bangladesh’s second commercial shipment of DAP from Norsk Hydro Tampa.


NAAFCO imports Bangladesh’s first commercial shipment of NPKS from Norsk Hydro Norway.


NAAFCO becomes first Bangladeshi company to import Chinese phosphate fertilizers (DAP & TSP).


Shetu Pesticides Ltd installs and operates a plant for production of Carbofuran 3G & 5G.


NAAFCO commences production of 8mt/hr NPKS plant using steam granulation and local fabricated machinery.


SEMCO CNG Filling Stations starts operation with its first station in Bogra.


Second SEMCO CNG Filling Stations starts operation in Elenga, Tangail.


Third SEMCO CNG Filling Stations starts operation in Madabhpur, Habiganj.


NAAFCO is first company to import Saudi DAP fertilizer.

Shetu Pesticides starts selling Isagro products.

Groundbreaking on NAAFCO Pharma Ltd plant.


NAAFCO Agrovet Ltd starts marketing animal nutritional items.

NAAFCO Pharma Ltd makes animal health medicines.


NAAFCO Pharma Ltd signs toll manufacturing agreement with Renata Ltd.

Shetu Pesticides starts selling FMC products.


NAAFCO Pharma Ltd commences human medicine general production with liquid and solid dosage forms.

BanglaStrong Ltd is registered to manufacture and distribute consumer products.


AG Bricks Ltd, a brick manufacturer based on environment friendly Hoffman kiln process, is acquired.

BanglaStrong launches Isotoniks, an electrolyte sports drink brand.

NAAFCO Pharma Ltd markets its ORS brand.

NAAFCO (Pvt) Ltd receives ISO 9001-2008 certification from SGS Switzerland.


NAAFCO Pharma Ltd signs toll manufacturing agreement with Square Pharma Ltd. It starts own brand marketing and also Injectable operation.

Shetu Pesticides Ltd finalizes deal with BASF for setting up a joint venture GMP compliant factory to repack BASF crop protection products and also manufacture its own crop protection products.

NAAFCO Agrovet Ltd signs toll manufacturing agreement with Elanco to manufacture their animal health products.